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Ceramic Sensors
Acam Instrumentation can offer a wide range of pressures to suit a variety of applications as may be found in general industry, medical and military.
Employing Ceramic technology gives a remarkable variety of sizes and pressure ranges measuring from 0.05 bar through to 500 bar.

These sensors can be used in an OEM context or can be engineered into completed Transducers and Transmitters.

Sensors are available as diaphragm for customer mounting and wiring, with one ring ceramic ring for easy mounting, fully wired with flying lead or connector mounted PCB or Ceramic sheet.

Signal Output is 15mV from a 5 volt supply.

A high performance ratio to price is achieved.

Performance under thermal cycling is very good. This sensor displays a very low thermal hysteresis and excellent thermal stability. Temperature coefficients can be customised to customer requirements.

There is a commitment to quality, 'state of the art' technology and personal experience based on over 40 years of specialised experience in sensor and transducer design.
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